Welcome to Orchard Grove School

Welcome to Orchard Grove Primary School

Orchard Grove Primary School is part of the Blackdown Education Partnership, with schools in Somerset and Devon.

Orchard Grove welcomed its first cohort of children into the superb EYFS setting in September 2023. The school will serve the new community in Comeytrowe and its immediate environs. 

The school centres itself firmly in the heart of its local community and supports it by ensuring pupils have a clear sense of what makes a good citizen and a good neighbour. Pupils have a strong sense of themselves in the local, national and global context and of the responsibility they have to others, in the present and in the future.

Orchard Grove creates an environment where children, staff and the community can cultivate a positive and progressive school culture around sustainability and education.

Within the setting of Somerset’s first net zero carbon school, children will be inspired by a unique curriculum that is preparing them for lifelong learning and a positive impact in the world.

Mr Richard Healey

Primary Executive Headteacher

Mr Richard Healey

Primary Executive Headteacher