About us

We strive to ensure that every single child in our care achieves, belongs and participates in learning, enrichment and the community.


Pastoral support is exemplary in ensuring that barriers to learning are removed, that children participate and feel valued for their own intrinsic worth.


Early Years provision forms the bedrock of our children’s outstanding education and personal development. Children will leave Reception class with a sense of themselves as both individuals, and as part of their own community.


Kindling the interest and igniting the spark of enthusiasm is the key to engendering real learning. Securing children’s commitment to their own learning is a vital part of our vision. In the Trust, we work for the children; they know this, and we foster the belief that they work for themselves and not to please their teachers.


Every child is taught: literacy and English, numeracy and Mathematics, science and STEM (including programming/coding/computing), design technology, humanities, languages, the arts (including art and design), health and wellbeing (including PE and sports). There is a strong emphasis on developing competency and mastery of basic core skills in English and Mathematics, as well as personal development through PSHE and citizenship. Whilst the core subjects are taught explicitly, other subjects are taught through project and topic-based curriculum to ensure that skills are embedded and that children learn deeply and have mastery of skills.


Children are naturally curious and excited by new things and we will harness and stimulate that energy through focus on the environment and sustainability. Evidence shows that future careers for this generation will be strongly embedded in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. We prioritise that through our curriculum, our children will be strongly equipped for their future to make positive impact and change within their communities. 

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