Parent Testimonials

Our son has been at IKB since it first opened, the decision to apply for a brand new school was made easier by the fantastic communication we received throughout the process and prior to him starting in the September. The ethos of the school was very clear from the outset and this has remained the same as the school has grown. We have always found all of the staff very approachable, helpful and transparent particularly the Headteacher who has always been available to discuss any queries or concerns.

We have felt so fortunate that our son has been given so many wonderful learning opportunities both within the school and the local community. The school have always taken every opportunity to bring their learning to life and give the children as many new experiences as possible whether this be in the form of local trips to the pond, park or library, joining in with community events at the church, welcoming experts into the school or enjoying amazing school trips. A particular highlight was the children's sleep over in the school hall, an example of how the staff are always going above and beyond to support the children's development in every area.

As a parent governor, I have been able to support the development of the school and play a part in the exciting journey the school is on as it grows. I would highly recommend the governor role to any new or parents as it will not only allow you to shape your new school but have an understanding of the wider Castle Partnership trust.

Kind regards,


IKB Parents


"We feel very lucky to be part of this wonderful school - thank you IKB for giving all these wonderful opportunities to our children!"


"I can’t thank you all enough for all that ***** has learnt. Also being part of this wonderful team is amazing."

Emma P

"Thank you doesn’t really cut it! What an amazing year it’s been - such lucky children being part of IKB. Have the best summer."


"Another year, full of laughter, tears, achievements and new experiences! We could not want or ask for more and yet you always find a way! Thank you for all your hard work and vision…inspiring. Now go have a very well earned break."  

Emma M

"Thank you all so much. So grateful to be part of such a wonderful school, you really do go above and beyond. Big thanks to you all for making our children's education so happy and memorable."


"An absolutely amazing school, amazing staff and amazing children. I agree with Emma P, thank u doesn't really cut it. We're so thankful to be part of an amazing IKB community."


"Have a great summer IKB Team, we can see how the children enjoy the school so much in all aspects educationally and social .Well done and a massive thank you to all for your hardwork and sterling efforts."


"Thank you so much for yet another fantastic year! We really couldn’t ask for a better school. We hope you all have a well deserved summer break! See you in September."


"A huge thank you to all the staff of IKB..I couldn't ask for a better school and team to begin ***** learning journey...looking forward to the next academic year and the learning adventures yet to come... Have a fantastic summer one end all."


"Thank you so much, we feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing school. From the teachers to the wonderful community... It really is OUTSTANDING."

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